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The Experience


A symphony of flavors combines the classic Bistro Cuisine prepared with a touch of Thai and Szechuan authentic dishes that consists of a harmonist blend of spicy, sweet and sour. Whether a romantic dinner, a business meeting, or any celebration, we are ready to greet you with a friendly and efficient service. Get the chance to enjoy our Fine Thai and Szechuan Cuisine with a tasting menu that offers more than 60 choices of dishes! Fill yourself with a range of gourmet dishes while enjoying your own wine.



Asian cuisine at its best!

Thai, Szechuan, Vietnamese, Asian, Vegetarian, and Fusion cuisines – you name it, we have it! What makes it even better is our All You Can Eat offer – now you can eat all you want and leave with an experience that will make you want to come back again!



Bring your favorite bottle of wine!

all you can eat

All You can eat!

YES ! You heard right. We have one of the largest Tasting Menus in Montreal. Order as much as you want.